How to Build A Brand Using A Simple DIY Logo


The life and profitability of business lie deep into its branding and marketing strategies. A brand in itself is a marketing tool. In fact, a good brand is enough to make maximum sales for a business without even having to use other marketing strategies. But the big question is to build a unique, outstanding and simple brand. Worry not, DIY logos provide an amicable solution to that. A logo is a sign of brand. DIY logo is all about you designing what you feel is best for your company. There are several ways in which a DIY logo can help build a company brand and make it outstanding. Here some of how DIY logos can help you create a unique brand.

Message clarity

A simple DIY logo has a simple, clear and comprehensible message. Most of your customers are people who come across your logos accident for instance when passing through a street. It, therefore, means that the first impression they get from what you are communicating with a business will determine whether they will buy your idea or abandoned it. Therefore, make the message as clear as possible by having simple words or letters or images on your logo that can as well be spotted from a distance.

Easy to recall

Complicated logos give your clients a hard time to recall too much wording or very complex logo designs. However, simple DIY logos are easy to recall because they are either words or just symbols used. Such simple logos make it easier for your potential clients to recall them. This is important in attracting more customers over and over hence customer loyalty to your brand.

Easily convertible across media platforms

Product advertisement is often done on media platforms whether print or electronic media platforms. This means that the company logo has to be converted into media to facilitate media campaigns. However, IT experts have expressed concerns with complex logos when it comes to converting them and find them more difficult to convert than simple logos. As a result, it is much easier to have your logo in both print and electronic media if it is simple. Find the best DIY Logo maker here!

Difficult to copy

It is not easy to make a counterfeit of a simple DIY logo. If a logo is complicated, it is easy to make a counterfeit of the same the same because just by changing a few words, color or symbols can see you come up with a counterfeit. But for simple logos, you have nothing to change. Learn more about logos at


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